Friday, May 8, 2015

A Walk On The Timeline Ackerman Academy | Fundraiser Concert 2015

Whenever what I do for a living and passions in my life align it makes me smile, overcome with happiness. On March 12th, I had the privilege of seeing and photographing the students (who I've been working with the past few years) perform at their Fundraiser Concert - A Walk On The Timeline at The Place to be Cafe in Canby. 
The night was amazing, the cafe fuller than I've ever seen it. The event was charged with electricity and the feeling of community was undeniable. There were phenomenal performances from the students who are a part of the Ackerman Academy music program and the amazing instructor, Grammy nominated singer/songwriter, Ellen Whyte.  

Ellen did an outstanding job working with, encouraging, and challenging the students to go beyond what they imagined they could do.  I loved seeing the students grow, develop their skills, and become more confident in themselves.  They definitely put on one AMAZING show and couldn't be more proud of the Ackerman students! 

I am excited for the students at Ackerman, and the opportunities they will have in the future because of the awesome people who have worked with them, who came to this event and gave!

See all the photos from the night here!

Check out some of the photos from this event!

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Friday, March 6, 2015

C O S M O S | Painting

I've felt very inspired these past few weeks and have a couple new painting ideas that have been floating around in my head  I've drawn my inspiration for this painting from the clear nights I love oh so dearly.  To sit or stand in silence looking up at the larger than eternity night's sky full of a zillion magnificent stars and feel a sense of overpowering awe at the vast space, nothing could quite beat that.
Here's a look at my latest art project!!
If you'd like a painting from me, send me an email ( to inquire about prices! I'd love to paint for you!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Andy + Shauna | Engaged

“My thoughts cannot move an inch without bumping into some piece of you.”
— A quote I found written on a newspaper on a train the other day
This couple.
Couldn't resist showing off a few of my favorites from their session yesterday. Boy was it a perfect sunny day to explore and take photographs. This couple is effortlessly amazing and hilarious, how adorable are they. It's obvious they are crazy about each other, and I'm excited for these two as they approach their next great adventure of marriage this spring. Congrats you guys!
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